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Bhooter raja returns in 'Ong Bong Chong' | Egiye Bangla News

Bhooter raja returns in 'Ong Bong Chong'

location_on Kolkata  access_time 11 May 2021 02:04 PM

Riya Siddhacharjee (Enterntainment Reporter) | Egiye Bangla News
Riya Siddhacharjee (Enterntainment Reporter)

'Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor' dialogue of "Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne"  this sentence no doubt bring back nostalgia. The presentation, style of cinematography was beyond words. The movie which was premiered in Calcutta on 8 May 1969. All features that define entertainment for children, drawn from controversial fairy tales are evergreen. Things like magic, kings, castles, kingdom, war, Princess and even a ghost king and the satirical ghost dance. 

Keeping the same essence to that,director Raktim Mukherjee will keep you in awe. The movie which the young director crafted can be stated as 'reincarnation' of the famous character "Bhooter Raja". The short feature 'Ong Bong chong' will pay a tribute ti Legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray. 

As story unfolds, it shows that the Bhooter Raja will address different issues of the society. The protagonist of the short feature film, Nepu is a simple guy in his mid twenties, entangled with his life. Struggling to take control over his life. Question remains, why will Bhooter Raja appear to Nepu and what will the changes in his life? 

Speaking with the director over phone, he said, " When I first read this story on social media , I instantly knew that this is it, I wanted to turn the words into live action. I was so excited by the mixture of humor and conscience in the story, which just perfectly mirrored the current social scenario of  our motherland. I was so excited to do this project, as well as it was a huge challenge to maintain all the cinematic necessity as well as authenticity of the entire project. Because there’s a huge chance where people tend to compare. As an independent filmmaker the budget has always been “zero” for our project, my teammate and friend Koustav and Anirban took the major responsibility to carry out the financial necessity of the project. So we’ve tried to pull out the best within the resource, rest is all upon the audience." The protagonist of short film is Atanu Chakraborty as Nripendra Narayan Nanda (Nepu) and Koustav Kundu will be playing the  Bhooter Raja.

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